Bringing freedom during those days of the month.

LEONA CUP is named in honor of Leona Chalmers' invention.

In 1937 Leona Chalmers, an American actress invented the menstrual cup.
The cup was sold commercially but it was a new idea and experienced strong resistance from women who were understandably uncomfortable with the idea of inserting devices into their vaginas.
Eventually, it achieved a more widespread adoption and today just as then still has numerous advantages; safety, convenience, affordability, and environmentally friendly.

LEONA focuses on removing women's discomfort during menstruation.

A woman described her periods as a night-mare "It robbed me of my self-confidence, it interfered with my social life, took the joy out of sports." It is the aim of our company to reverse this situation. We have not only created products to enable better protection and monitoring for women
during their period but it will change the entire experience. Better menstrual care is now available, and we think women should not settle for less. Our innovations contribute to better health, greater comfort, a better period, a better life.