Give a freedom during “those days”

LEONA is for honoring Leona Chalmers' achievement.

In 1937, Leona Chalmers, an American actress invented the menstrual cup and
it was sold commercially. At that time period, most women had no experience using the menstrual cup because they felt repulsion with lack of knowledge about the menstrual cup. As the menstrual cup was a totally new invention, people were uncomfortable with the new idea of inserting things into their vaginas. “Change only 6 times a period! It’s a menstrual Cup and 1 is equal to 3 or 4 napkins or tampons.” Eventually, she contributed to the widespread use of the menstrual cup with numerous advantages; safety, reusability, affordability, and Eco-friendly. To express our admiration to Leona Chalmers, we named the freedom as LEONA.   

LEONA focuses on improving women's discomfort during menstruation.

A woman described her periods as a night-mare "It robbed me of my self-confidence, it interfered with my social life, took the joy out of sports." Making the switch was not easy but we never stopped developing and innovating for their health. We not only invented an ingenious solution to period protection, but also motivated other women to demand better menstrual care. As Leona did in the past, we believe that constant considerations and changes improve the quality of women’s life. We have never stopped making innovations for women’s health and we are ready to provide a better future in the female society.